RMPE Vehicle Requests

The Department of Recreation Management and Physical Education manages one truck and one van that can be used by ASU faculty for academic-related departmental business.  If you would like to use an RMPE vehicle, please carefully follow the steps below:

Vehicle Reservation and Use Procedures

  • To schedule the van or truck for course trips in upcoming semesters, contact Edgar Peck (peckel@appstate.edu or 828-262-6330) for addition to the RMPE Vehicle Matrix.  
  • After the RMPE Vehicle Matrix is published to the Vehicle Reservation Calendar (generally 1 month before the start of the semester), vehicle dates can be requested using the RMPE Vehicle Reservation Form on a first come, first served basis.  These requests can be made up to 2 months in advance.  Class use is given first priority.
  • Requesters must have a current driver's license on file in the RMPE Chair's Office.
  • Check the Vehicle Reservation Calendar to see if the vehicle is available.  Please allow at least 3 hours between any trips for loading/unloading and possible delays in the trip.

○     If the vehicle is unavailable, refer to Motor Pool Vehicle Requests section of the website to request a motor pool vehicle.

  • If available, use this Google Form to reserve the appropriate vehicle. Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance of travel date (i.e., Request for March open in January).
  • Read and agree to the RMPE Vehicle Use Policies and Procedures.

○     RMPE Vehicle Use Policies and Procedures (PDF, 81 KB)

The following forms must be completed before your trip:

○     Travel Authorization Form - Always complete and submit 2 weeks in advance of travel to RMPE Chair's Office.

○     Student Travel Form (Student Development) – Complete when traveling with students outside of Boone overnight.

  • For requests outside the prescheduled RMPE Vehicle Matrix, complete the online RMPE Vehicle Reservation Form. Upon approval, the reservation calendar will be updated and confirmation emails  will be sent to the requester, Joshua, and Sharon.  
  • Confirm reservations at least 2 business days prior to departure with Sharon.
  • Please inform Sharon of trip cancellations asap.  This may allow us others to use the vehicle or save the department the cost of a motor pool rental.
  • Check out keys from Sharon Lawrence or check your HCC mailbox. 
  • The Van will be located in the HCC gated lot, against the wooden fence, the Hill Street lot, or Duncan/Rankin lot (during football games/special events).  The Truck will normally be located in the Duncan/Rankin Lot.  Please contact Sharon or Joshua for help locating/coordinate the vehicles.
  •  If the fuel level is below 1 / 3 at the end of the trip, please use the gas card to fill the vehicle. The gas card will remain in the van glove box. 
  • If the gas card is used during a trip, the receipts must be handed into Sharon within 48 hours.
  • Please return the van to the HCC gated lot after the trip.  If you park the van in a lot other than the HCC Lot, please text location to 828-278-9855 or email Joshua or Sharon.  If your trip is on the Friday before a Home Football game, park in the Hill Street lot or another non Yosef Club lot and ensure the instructor of the next day's trip leader knows where it will be.  If you need help coordinating this please contact Sharon or Joshua.
  • Upon returning a vehicle, please remove all trash from the vehicle, sweep out floor/bed (brooms are in vehicles) roll up/close the windows and lock the vehicle.
  • Immediately return the keys to Sharon unless prior arrangements have been made to keep the keys for subsequent trips.  If arriving after hours or on the weekend, place the keys out of site in the center console of the vehicle, then lock the vehicle and contact Sharon.



Contact Sharon Lawrence (lawrencesb3@appstate.edu or 828-262-3149) or Joshua Reese (reeseja@appstate.edu or 828-262-3048).