Motor Pool Vehicle Requests

Online Motor Pool Vehicle Request

Rent a motor pool vehicle.

  • Note: Motor Pool Vehicle Requests are to be completed online after Travel Authorization has been approved.
  • Travel Authorizations and Vehicle Requests for PEA Course trips are completed by the PEA Director

Contact the Motor Pool

Contact the motor pool.

Motor Pool FAQ

View motor pool FAQ.

Van Policies

Van policies apply to any van, not only ASU owned vehicles.

  • Minivan maximum occupancy: 7 total (6 passengers and 1 driver)
  • 12 passenger vans-maximum occupancy: 12 total (11 passengers and 1 driver)
  • 15 passenger vans-maximum occupancy: 11 total (10 passengers and 1 driver)
  • 15 passenger vans-maximum occupancy (within town): 15 total (14 passengers and 1 driver)
  • Carrying of cargo on the van roof is prohibited at all times.

Driver Eligibility

To operate a multi-passenger van, the ASU Motor Pool recommends drivers complete the following steps:

  • Applicants obtain a multi-passenger van driver Approval Form (PDF) from the sponsoring department's supervisor.
  • Applicants and sponsoring supervisors complete the top portion of the form, including the requested information inside the box area (located below item #3 on the form).
  • Applicants submit a copy of current driver's license to the department, which is to be kept on file in the department.
  • Send the form to University Police to complete the applicant's driving record check. The form will be returned to the sponsoring department's supervisor following the driving record check.
  • Applicants complete the on-line multi-passenger Van Online Awareness Course AND Test.
  • The applicant contacts the Motor Pool to schedule and complete the driving test portion of the course. Complete the trailering portion of the test if you may be using a trailer.

Motor Pool Confirmations

The Motor Pool should mail a vehicle confirmation to your campus mailbox or email at least 3 weeks in advance of your rental date. If you do not receive confirmation contact the Motor Pool at 828-262-3195.

Motor Pool Vehicle Pick Up/Drop Off

Keys can be picked up at the Motor Pool between M-F 7:30 am - 4 pm. Keys can be returned to the Motor Pool during normal business hours or in the drop box at the Motor Pool for those arriving after 5 pm.