Promotion and Tenure

The Department of Recreation Management and Physical Education is committed to encouraging, supporting and maintaining high levels of faculty performance in teaching, scholarship and service. The RMPE department faculty engage in an on-going collaborative, consensus-building process crafting policies and procedures that guide professional performance and promote faculty excellence.


Reappointment, tenure, promotion and merit (RTPM) policies and procedures are based on the following premises:

  • Teaching, Scholarship and Service are essential components of the academy and critical to the mission of the RMPE Department.
  • RMPE faculty are expected to engage in assigned areas associated with the academy: teaching, scholarship and service.
  • Consistently high levels of performance are expected in each assigned area over time.

Guiding Principles

In RMPE, the development of RTPM policies and procedures are guided by the following principles:

  • Transparency. Ensures open, multi-directional, free-flow of information and promotes understanding for all who desire to know.
  • Shared-governance. Provides opportunities for all stakeholders to engage in meaningful, relevant ways.
  • Clarity. Clear performance criteria are critical to successful professional engagement and continued progression.
  • Performance-based and criterion-referenced. Objective, outcomes-based standards guide and promote faculty excellence.
  • Development-oriented and individualized. Individuals benefit from a regular, on-going performance-based assessment process.
  • Multi-dimensional. Data from multiple sources provides more reliable information from which to evaluate, goal-set and grow.
  • Comprehensive. Promotes development of well-rounded faculty who engage in high-quality teaching, scholarship and service.
  • Distinguishing. Recognizes individual improvement and achievement in all areas of teaching, scholarship and service.

RTPM Resources

Below you will find resources providing specific information regarding the RTPM guidelines for tenure track and special appointment faculty.