About Us

Our Department

The Department of Recreation Management and Physical Education (RMPE) is an innovative, diverse, and forward-thinking academic unit consisting of three outstanding programs each of which are supported by remarkable students and excellent faculty and staff.

Our Programs

  • Recreation Management (RM) - prepares graduates for careers as recreation management professionals.
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE) - prepares graduates for careers as K-12 physical educators, school-based activity directors and coaches.
  • Physical Education Activity (PEA) - prepares students to participate in lifelong health-enhancing physical activity through the offering of a variety of General Education Wellness Literacy courses.

Our Students

Diverse, engaged, and passionate are just a few of the words that describe the students who are enrolled in and served by the various RMPE programs. Several hundred majors are enrolled in RM and HPE combined, many of whom are members of each program's student organizations. Thousands of non-majors elect to take PEA courses  for personal betterment and to fulfill General Education Wellness Literacy requirements annually. Given the quality of our students and programs, it is easy to understand why RMPE students are poised to make a positive impact in all they aspire to do!

Our Faculty

The RMPE department is sustained not only by our exceptional students, but by over 40 expert faculty who epitomize the principle of life-long learning through engagement in effective teaching, germane scholarly activity, and relevant service. RMPE faculty are continually described as professional, student-centered, devoted, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Dedicated to the mission and vision of the department, RMPE faculty strive for excellence in all they do!

Our Staff

The welcome-desk and behind-the-scenes work that transpires on a daily basis to ensure that all goes well in the department is completed by a team of friendly, responsive, and task-focused staff and work-study students, to whom the RMPE students and faculty remain indebted. No task is too challenging, no issue is too immense for the RMPE administrative team!

Our Facilities

In RMPE great programs, students, faculty, and staff are matched by exceptional facilities in which to learn, teach and work. Many thanks are due to our partners, both university and community-based who provide access to such extraordinary facilities and spaces. Learn more about the variety of facilities utilized by RMPE.