Travel and Transportation

You can find the most up-to-date Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursement forms at 

Please visit the ASU Policy Manual (Section 510: Travel, Transportation, and_Expense Reimbursements) for the most current travel and transportation policy information.

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement

  • RMPE Travel Authorization Form
  • Travel Reimbursements cannot be submitted without an approved Travel Authorization on file. You MUST submit a Travel Authorization (for you and/or students) prior to travel. 
  • Travel Authorization Forms must be completed for university-related travel for faculty, staff or students.
  • Completed Travel Authorization Forms must be submitted to the Chair's Office at least 3 weeks prior to travel.
  • ASU Motor Pool and RMPE vehicle requests are completed online in addition to the Travel Authorization Form.
  • If requesting a vehicle, complete Travel Authorization and Vehicle Request Forms as early as possible.
  • Completed Travel Reimbursement Forms and receipts must be submitted to the Chair's Office within 25 days of travel end date.
    • Reimbursement Forms will not be processed if there is not an approved Travel Authorization on file.
    • Subsistence Rates: view current subsistence rates and policies.
    • Lunch: not reimbursed for lunch on one day trips.
    • Breakfast: must leave by 6am to be reimbursed for breakfast on the day leaving.
    • Dinner: must return after 8 pm in order to be reimbursed for dinner on the day returning 
    • Receipts: save and submit all receipts (except food receipts).
    • Hotel receipts (NOT an online pre-paid receipt) must show all charges and show a $0 balance due.
    • Registration and airline fees paid personally must include a receipt.

Student Travel - Overnight and Outside Boone

Information to the Dean of Student's Office is needed for travel outside Boone that involves an overnight stay for students. The information is for emergency contact only. Providing such information does NOT trigger insurance coverage of any kind.

Access the Office of Student Development online Student Travel Form.

Information due to the Dean of Student's Office BEFORE traveling:

  • Primary and secondary contact information (name, phone, email, and banner id)
  • Departure and return date and approximate return time Destination
  • An itinerary of the trip
  • A list of participants

Questions regarding the online student travel form?

Please call 828-262-2060.

Trip Planning and Supervision

  • ASU faculty and staff supervising students on field trips or other excursions need to provide to the RMPE Chair's Office and the appropriate Program Director a completed copy of the RMPE Travel Plan at least 2 weeks prior to the travel begin date.
  • In the event a trip includes multiple supervisors, only the trip leader needs to complete and submit the travel plan.
  • A first aid kit and completed medical information forms for all trip participants (including leaders) should accompany all trips traveling more than 1 hour from definitive care.

Trip Supervision Policy

  • Industry standards should be followed at all times.
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities within One Hour of Definitive Care:
    • Requires supervision by an ASU employee.
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities More than One Hour from Definitive Care:
    • Requires supervision by two ASU employees OR 1 ASU employee and a contracted professional(s).
    • One leader must hold a current CPR certification and a current medical training license/ certification at the Wilderness First Responder or higher level. (e.g., EMT/Paramedic/Physician).
    • First aid kit containing completed medical forms.

Travel Fees for Students

  • Any travel requiring students to pay fees requires an account to be established through the Office of Conference and Camp Services (OCCS). To establish the account, OCCS must be contacted by the faculty member coordinating the travel. 
  • OCCS contact: Amy Sanders ( or 828.262.3045) or Krista White ( or 828.262.3045).
  • OCCS will establish an account for each course/trip and post access to trip information and registration on the OCCS website.
  • Once the trip account is established, OCCS is authorized to receive student payments via check or credit card.
  • The day before the travel is to begin, a roster of students, with contact and emergency information and payment status will be emailed to the faculty member leading the trip. The trip leader may not accept late payment from any student on the day of travel.
  • OCCS is available to help faculty plan trips, develop budgets and provide other related services.