Home School PE

The Appalachian State University Physical Education Program is pleased to continue our commitment to a Home School Physical Education Program for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Program Details:

PE Instruction Days:September 8 – November 13 (online) February 9 - April 15(tentative for Spring 2021)
PE Class Meeting Time:Tuesdays synchronously via Zoom from 1:00 p.m. - 1:50 p.m.Thursdays asynchronously via a Fundamental Motor Skill & Family Physical Activity Challenge1:00 - 1:50 pm (tentative for Spring 2021)
Location:Online for Fall 2020 via Zoom and FlipGridVarsity Gym on ASU Campus (tentatively for Spring 2021)
Fee:Fall 2020 $0 per childSpring 2021 $ 30 (or TBD) per child
Ages:5-12 years (must turn 5 by September 8, 2020)

Program Structure: 

The ASU Home School PE Program is a part of the ASU Health and Physical Education (HPE) Program.  Dr. Brooke Towner will oversee the program.  Dr. Towner is an assistant professor in the ASU HPE program, is a Certified Physical Education Teacher, and has physical education experience in both public school and recreational settings.

Classes are taught by junior-level physical education majors in Appalachian's PETE program in conjunction with a university course in elementary physical education teaching methods. All lesson planning and instruction is supervised by Dr. Towner. We offer classes at three developmental levels: Cadets (5-6 years), Juniors (7-8 years), and Seniors (9+ years). These age cut-points are approximate – class placement is based on both age and developmental level.

We use the innovative SPARK physical education curriculum in our PE program. The SPARK curriculum has been shown to improve students’ motor skills, to improve students’ fitness, and to be enjoyable for students in a variety of research studies. For more information on the SPARK curriculum, check out their website athttp://www.sparkpe.org

The Fall 2020 ASU Home School PE Program Plan:

●   The ASU Homeschool PE Program will be held in an online format.

●   On Tuesdays, all age groups will meet on Zoom (an online video conferencing tool) for a 20 - 25 minute lesson instructed by an ASU student or teaching pair.

○   Dr. Towner will attend all Zoom lessons.

●   On Thursdays, the ASU student or teaching pair will post an optional online Fundamental Motor Skill and Family Challenge PE activity using FlipGrid (an online tool for posting video responses). 

○   FlipGrid will be used for the homeschool students to record a short video demonstrating their skill or respond to a prompt about physical activity, sport, or a quality character trait. 

○   The ASU student or partner pair will provide feedback to the students that chose to participate. The FlipGrid will be moderated so only Dr. Towner and the ASU students or teaching pairs have access to the FlipGrid.

○   Dr. Towner will monitor all Flipgrids.


Parents are welcome to attend class in any format as often as they wish. During face-to-face meetings, parking is available in the Appalachian parking deck on Rivers Street. See Dr. Towner after you arrive to get a parking pass. 


On the website, you will find a link to the registration form and the program packet. The packet includes a program schedule, program policies, and procedures, and other general information. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Dr. Brooke Towner at 828-262-8558 or townerbc@appstate.edu.