The purpose of the internship is to provide a transition from the university to a professional leisure and recreation management setting. The student will apply and test theories of recreation management in the field, under the guidance and supervision of a professional practitioner and a recreation management faculty member.

RM 4900 Internship is required for the major in recreation management. Pre-requisites: a minimum of 24 semester hours in Recreation Management courses to include:

  • RM 2110 - Introduction to Recreation and Leisure (grade of C or better)
  • RM 2310 - Administration of Leisure Services I
  • RM 2410 - Recreation Program Planning
  • RM 3315 - Career Development in Leisure Services and Recreation

Internship Example Video

RM 3900 Practicum is required for the minor in recreation management. Pre-requisite: RM 2110 - Introduction to Recreation and Leisure (grade of C or better)

RM 3900 Practicum may be taken as an elective course by majors.

The following rules apply to prospective interns:

  • Recreation Management policy is that internships and practicums are completed during summer sessions.
  • Students may earn 8 to 12 semester hours for the 4900 internship.
  • Students may earn 3 semester hours for the 3900 practicum.
  • No more than 15 semester hours of combined internship and practicum credit may be applied toward graduation requirements.
  • On-the-job internship time is determined by the ratio of 50 contact hours for one hour of credit. A minimum of 400 hours over a period of at least 10 weeks is required for the 4900 Internship. A minimum of 150 hours over a period of at least 4 weeks is required for the 3900 Practicum.
  • All internship and practicum placements must be approved by a Recreation Management faculty member.

Internship placements have included resorts, camps, outdoor education centers, adventure programs, therapeutic wilderness programs, parks and recreation departments, state parks, national parks, YMCAs, theme parks, outfitter/guide services, convention and visitors bureaus, professional sports teams, and military bases.

Check out the maps below that detail recent internship sites:

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