The Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Management

For the Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management (574*/31.0301), students must select one of the following three concentrations:

  • Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management (574G) 
  • Outdoor Experiential Education (574F) 
  • Recreation and Park Management (574E)

Below you will find an overview for each concentration. View Programs of Study to access requirements for each concentration.

Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management concentration (574G)

The Commercial Recreation and Tourism concentration prepares students for careers in the resort, tourism and commercial recreation industries. Classroom experiences focus on entrepreneurship, small business management, marketing and management within the recreation context. Students can work in a range of employment opportunities including resorts, clubs, for profit recreation companies, cruise lines, visitor bureaus, hotels and spas as well as social entrepreneurial endeavors. Students have the opportunity to learn firsthand through service learning classes involved with the community or thorough study abroad courses including; the cruise Line in a Cultural Context, Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica, or a Coastal Tourism Trip to the beaches of South Carolina

Outdoor Experiential Education concentration (574F)

In the Outdoor Experiential Education concentration, students will become familiar with the foundational theories and philosophies of Experiential Education; learn and practice teaching basic leadership, wilderness, and safety skills; understand and be able to develop a sound trip plan and risk management plans; understand individual and group dynamics as it relates to leadership; understand and practice sound problem-solving, decision-making, and judgment skills; understand and be able to practice a variety of leadership, teaching, and facilitation skills.

The OEE concentration also allows students to focus on obtaining a number of certifications through our selection of 'skills' classes. Certifications can include:

  • Wilderness First Responder 
  • Wilderness First Aid Instructor 
  • Leave No Trace Trainer 
  • Swiftwater Rescue 
  • Professional Climbing Instructors Association 

Recreation and Park Management concentration (574E)

The Recreation and Parks Management Concentration (RPM) provides instruction and training in the planning, organization, leadership as well as management of Park and Recreation agencies and programs. Students together with their faculty advisor build an educational program personalized to meet the student's career goals. Students are also given the opportunity to employ theories learned in the classroom in practical settings throughout the program and during their internship. Students choosing this concentration often work in a variety of fields such as Aquatic Facility Management, Camp Management, Campus and Intramural Recreation, Community Recreation, Destination Management, Environmental Interpretation, Military Recreation, Sport Management, Youth Development and Municipal, State and National Parks Management.