The purpose of the internship is to provide a transition from the university to a professional leisure and recreation management setting. The student will apply and test theories of recreation management in the field, under the guidance and supervision of a professional practitioner and a recreation management faculty member.

RM 4900 Internship is required for the major in recreation management. Pre-requisites: a minimum of 24 semester hours in Recreation Management courses to include:

  • RM 2100 - Leisure in Society
  • RM 2310 - Administration of Leisure Services I (Grade of C or higher)
  • RM 2410 - Recreation Program Planning
  • RM 3315 - Career Development in Leisure Services and Recreation (Grade of C or higher)

Internship Example Video

RM 3900 Practicum is required for the minor in recreation management. Pre-requisites: Completion of a minimum of nine semester hours of RM credits that include: RM 2100 (witha minimum grad of C); six additional semester hours of RM courses; or permission of the instructor. This course is required for the minor in recreation management.

RM 3900 Practicum may be taken as an elective course by majors.

The following rules apply to prospective interns:

  • Recreation Management policy is that internships and practicums are completed during summer sessions.
  • Students may earn 8 to 12 semester hours for the 4900 internship.
  • Students may earn 3 semester hours for the 3900 practicum.
  • No more than 15 semester hours of combined internship and practicum credit may be applied toward graduation requirements.
  • On-the-job internship time is determined by the ratio of 50 contact hours for one hour of credit. A minimum of 400 hours over a period of at least 10 weeks is required for the 4900 Internship. A minimum of 150 hours over a period of at least 4 weeks is required for the 3900 Practicum.
  • All internship and practicum placements must be approved by a Recreation Management faculty member.

Internship placements have included resorts, camps, outdoor education centers, adventure programs, therapeutic wilderness programs, parks and recreation departments, state parks, national parks, YMCAs, theme parks, outfitter/guide services, convention and visitors bureaus, professional sports teams, and military bases.

Important Information:

  • Registration process for RM 3900 & RM 4900 is completed differently than registering for classes. Please make an appointment with your RM Faculty Mentor to begin the registration process.
  • For RM majors: Information will be provided in the RM 3315 course to help prepare you for searching and registering for these classes.
  • For RM minors: Reach out to RMPE Academic Advisor to write up a course of study and the RM Program Director to begin the registration process for RM 3900.