Physical Education Activity Program

Program Overview

The Physical Education Activity (PEA) program offers a wide variety of academically-rigorous and innovative activity-based courses that meet Appalachian State University's General Education Wellness Literacy requirements.

The PEA program is regarded by many as one of the best in higher education. On average, the program offers over 100 courses in more than 30 activity areas per semester and serves thousands of students annually. The program is supported by over 25 outstanding faculty who are capable of and committed to providing exceptional educational experiences empowering students to pursue a lifetime of activity.

Because the PEA program is committed to enhancing student wellness through activity-based experiences, PEA courses are based on the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) guidelines for appropriate practice (PDF, 304 KB) in college/university physical activity instruction programs. Accordingly, PEA courses reflect the following premises:

  • Education is the central mission;
  • Motor skill acquisition and health related physical activity are emphasized;
  • Curriculum and instructional practices reflect sensitivity to individual students and societal needs; and
  • Values consistent with safe, lifelong participation in health enhancing physical activity are promoted.