Frequently Asked Questions

Attendance Policy/Cancellations

  • What is the Attendance policy for App PEA courses?
    Each PEA course syllabus lists the attedance policy and associated points for that course.  
  • I received an incomplete in my course. When do I need to finish the course?
    An Incomplete grade is assigned only because of sickness or some other unavoidable cause. An Incomplete is not given merely because assignments were not completed during the semester. An "I" becomes an "F" or "U" if not removed within the time designated by the instructor, not to exceed one semester, except that all incompletes must be removed at the time of graduation. Contact your instructor or the director of the program to finish the coursework. 
  • I have to miss class to attend an Appalachian event (athletics, internship...), is this absence excused?
    Absences are not excused. However, in most cases, you can discuss with your instructor a way to make up missed coursework if you provide advanced notice in writing. 
  • ASU courses are cancelled; will my off-campus physical education course (Ski/Snowboarding) still meet?
    No, if the university cancels classes, ALL classes are cancelled. Please see your course materials and talk with your instructor. You can attend the make-up date outlined in your course materials. 
  • Do I need my ID card to attend class?
    All App students should have their App ID card with them at all times. You cannot enter UREC facilities like the Student Recreation Center and Quinn Center without a valid ASU ID.


  • I do not need the credit, but I want to take a physical education course for personal betterment. How can I audit the course?

    Students taking a PEA course for personal betterment may not wish to complete the Wellness Literacy modules, written exams, etc. Students who do not need the credit can AUDIT the course. Audit forms are available through the Registrar's office or the PEA Director. Forms must be filled out during the first 2 weeks of the semester. The grade will appear as AU on the ASU transcript. All course fees are the same for students auditing or taking the class for an official letter grade. Students auditing will not receive a grade or institutional credit.

    Students who are auditing a course do not have to complete course assignments. However, they must participate in course activities during class time and adhere to the student code of conduct.

    If a student does not regularly attend an audited course, the instructor may request an administrative withdrawal grade to be assigned. The instructor must provide documentation to the Registrar with the recommendation.

Course Offerings

  • What Physical Education Activity courses are offered at Appalachian?
    For detailed information including course listings and descriptions, view the Course Descriptions.
  • What are selected topics?
    Selected topics represent courses that:
    • provide students an opportunity to study a new topic or subject area that is not currently offered in the standard curriculum; and
    • provide a program the flexibility to offer experimental courses that may become part of the standard curriculum.
      Selected Topics PE courses with numbers 1530 - 1549 carry the ASU Wellness Literacy attribute and may be repeated for credit when course content/title does not duplicate.

Course Schedule

  • How can I see which PEA courses are open?
    Go to the Registrar's Office website and "Search for Classes by Term" to view courses that have open seats.
  • How many weeks do PEA courses last?
    Most PEA courses are 1 credit hour, meet for 7 weeks and carry the App General Education Wellness Literacy attribute. It is important for students to check their schedules carefully to know the exact starting and ending dates of each course.

Credit Limitations

  • How many times can I take the same physical education course?
    Please visit Appalachian State University's Bulletin web page for more information 
  • How much physical education credit can I apply toward my degree?
    Except for Health & Physical Education majors, no more than six hours of PE courses may be included within the number of hours required for graduation. An undergraduate student may include a maximum of 3 semester hours credit under the Instructional Assistance Program toward meeting graduation requirements. Check with your academic advisor to determine how course credits count toward your specific degree program.

Medical Concerns

  • If I share my medical concerns with my instructor who sees that information?
    Your instructor keeps your Medical Concerns documents in their class record books for use in class should you become injured. That information is kept confidential and is only used/seen by the instructor/trip leaders. 
  • I am injured and cannot continue in my PEA course, how do I drop without penalty?
    A Medical Withdrawal will typically not count as one of the student's 4 career drops, affect housing, etc. 

    If injury/illness is the reason you need to drop, contact Student Health Services and request a Medical Withdrawal from the course, which will not count as a career drop. To request a Medical Withdrawal, sign in to the Student Health Medportal and send Dr. Taylor Rushing a message detailing that you are requesting a Medical Withdrawal because you cannot continue in your PEA course due to a medical/illness reason. Include the course number, course section, course name and course credit hours. Sending a message in the portal will create an electronic record.

    If your absence is related to an unavoidable cause (death, jury duty, etc) and you need to drop this course, please contact Edgar Peck, PEA Director ( to request a late drop instead of a career drop.

  • I have a disability, can I still take a PEA course?
    The PEA program is committed making courses available to every student. Begin by talking with your instructor. We will make every effort to making reasonable accommodations for individuals with documented qualifying disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Those seeking accommodations based on a substantially limiting disability must contact and register with The Office of Disability Services (ODS) at 828-262-3056. Once registration is complete, individuals will meet with ODS staff to discuss eligibility and appropriate accommodations. 

Transfer Questions

  • I took an App PEA course before I transferred to another university/college. How can I get a copy of my syllabus to give to my new institution?
    Email the PEA Director for an electronic copy. 
  • I transferred in a PE activity course. Can I take the same course at App and receive credit?
    No. For example: If a student takes PED 122 Yoga at Forsyth Technical Community College, the student may not enroll in and receive credit for PE 1751 at ASU. The student can enroll in the course,but will not receive Appalachian Wellness Literacy credit. 
  • I was a varsity athlete at my previous institutions. Will that PE credit transfer as a PE General Education Wellness Literacy credit?

Wellness Literacy Modules - General Education Attribute

  • Which physical education courses count for ASU General Education Wellness Literacy credit?
    PE 1530-1549, PE 1700-1889. There are also additional App courses that count as Wellness Literacy credit. Visit the General Education website for more information. 
  • Wellness Literacy Modules Course Requirement
    The on-line component of App physical education courses are divided into six learning modules. If this is your 1st PEA course complete modules 1, 2 and 3. If this is your 2nd PEA course, complete modules 4, 5 and 6. If this is your 3rd course or beyond you do NOT need to redo the modules, provide the Progress Report to your instructor. 
  • How do I access the Wellness Literacy online modules?
    To purchase access to the WL online component of your course visit the University Bookstore or visit the
  • How do I pass an online Wellness Literacy Module?
    You must complete all module components in the prescribed order and pass the module post-test with a score of 80% or higher. 
  • I transferred PE Activity course credit to ASU, am I required to complete the WL modules?
  • The PEACTV transfer policy has changed. PEACTV courses transfered should receive full credit (App WL modules are not required). Please contact the PEA Program Director, Edgar Peck ( with questions.  
  • Do I need to repurchase the Wellness Literacy Modules?
    In most cases, no you do not need to purchase access to the modules again. Access is good for six years. If you experience technical difficulties with website such as username and password issues please send your support request to          
  • How long will it take me to complete each module?
    The time necessary to complete each module varies by module and may be impacted by individual reading, study and test-taking habits. The table below will help you allocate time to developing your wellness literacy as you plan your study schedule.

    1. Wellness 10110 minutes1-2 hours30-60 minutes20 minutes
    2. Fitness Management10 minutes1-2 hours7+ days20 minutes
    3. Nutrition Management10 minutes1-2 hours7+ days20 minutes
    4. Wellness Revisited10 minutes1-2 hours30-60 minutes20 minutes
    5. Weight Management10 minutes1-2 hours30-60 minutes20 minutes
    6. Stress Management10 minutes1-2 hours5+ days20 minutes

  • Why is the wellness information presented online?
    Completing wellness content online provides the opportunity for more activity time during class. In addition, online material reduces textbook costs for students and allows for more frequent updating of course content.