Recreation Management Association

What is the Recreation Management Association (RMA)?

The Recreation Management Association (RMA) is a club providing extra recreational, social, and professional development opportunities to supplement the Recreation Management (RM) program at Appalachian State University. Membership is open to all Recreation Management majors/minors as well other interested students in being a part of the club. Visit our Facebook page.

What does the RMA do?

The RMA plans events designed to enhance the RM community. Events/programs include the Annual Outdoor Summer job fair, attending professional conferences, volunteer work days, hikes, fundraisers, tours, picnics, socials, general recreation events etc and have fun! In addition to events, RMA has bi-weekly member meetings. Member dues are $5 a semester.

Who runs the RMA?

RMA members nominate and elect student members to serve on the RMA board. At its heart, the RMA is a student organization. Student and board members develop and implement bi-weekly meetings as well as events. Board positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications and Promotions.

Why join the RMA?

Being a member in the RMA is about gaining experience, building your resume, networking, and developing as a professional. Through volunteering, RMA members gain experience in program planning, working on a team, leading students, making critical decisions, working closely with RM faculty, and more.

How do I join the RMA?

It's simple... anyone can join RMA by signing up to become a member and pay $5 dues a semester. Membership dues go towards funding RMA events or activities. Additionally as a member of RMA, your membership is recorded on your academic transcript. If you are interested in getting involved as a member or leader contact the RMA faculty advisor.

Faculty Advisor Contact Info

Dr. Joy James

What is the history of RMA and its contributions to the Recreation Management program?

The Recreation Management program granted the first B.S. degrees in Spring, 1974, and the faculty then consisted of Physical Education Professors who had an interest in the recreation field. By 1986, there were four full time tenure track faculty positions in Recreation Management, which were held by individuals with Recreation Degrees. In the fall of 1987, the Recreation Management Association was chartered as the official "major's club" for the Recreation Management program.

By the early 1990s, the RM program was attempting to secure funding for the NRPA Academic Accreditation process from the Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Funding was not approved. By 1992, the Dean was asked if the RM Program could raise its own funds to support the academic accreditation of the program, and this request was approved with the caveat that once accredited, the Dean's office would pay for subsequent accreditation efforts.

The RMA became the group largely responsible for assisting the RM faculty in raising the funds which would allow the RM Program to pursue academic accreditation. A "special funds account" was created, called the Recreation Management Fund for Excellence, and over a two year period over $7,000 was raised from numerous events. These included 5K races, bake sales, car washes, and two faculty "beard shaving" contests. The funds allowed the RM program to proceed with the academic accreditation of the program.

NRPA accredited the RM Program in 1996. However, the Fund for Excellence still had funds remaining in its account. The RMA decided that it would continue its fund raising efforts so that they could "endow" a Recreation Management Scholarship for RM majors, but a minimum of $10,000 was required to endow a scholarship. Well over $10 K was raised, and the scholarship was endowed in 1998. This became the first and only endowed academic scholarship at Appalachian State University whose funds were completely raised by students in an academic major.

The RMA Scholarship currently has assets well over the original $10K amount, and RMA continues to donate funds to the principal each year. In general, two academic scholarships are awarded to two qualified students each year. In addition, the RM Fund for Excellence still exists, and allows the RM faculty to make discretionary purchases that benefit students and the RM program. The RM faculty is indebted to the many faculty advisors and ambitious students in the RMA over the years.