Physical Education Majors Club

What is the Physical Education Majors Club (PEMC)?

The PEMC is a club providing extra recreational, social, and professional development opportunities to supplement the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program at Appalachian State University. Membership is open to all PETE majors. 

What does the PEMC do?

The PEMC plans events designed to enhance the PETE community. Events/programs include volunteer work days, physical activity/recreation gatherings, fundraisers, socials, picnics, attending sporting events, and professional development opportunities such as interview and resume workshops.

Who runs the PEMC?

PEMC members nominate and elect student members to serve as officers. Officer positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian, and Pro-Block Representative. The PEMC is a student-run organization. Officers and students develop and implement all of the events.

Why join the PEMC?

Being a member in the PEMC is about gaining experience, building your resume, networking, and general professional development. It is an opportunity to have fun and interact with your peers and faculty members outside of class.

How do I join the PEMC?

At the beginning of each semester, PETE majors have the opportunity to order professional polo shirts as well as other PE attire. At the top of the order form is a section for joining the PEMC. Member dues are $30 per year. Members will receive a PEMC T-shirt as well as a discount on all ordered PETE attire.

Faculty Advisor Contact Info

Dr. Ben Sibley