Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The vision for the future of the Recreation Management program is to be recognized as a training ground for leaders in the professions of recreation management, tourism, and outdoor leadership who will serve the Southern Appalachian region, the state, and the world. Since 2004, the program's enrollment has seen a steady increase, with students specializing in the areas of commercial recreation and tourism management, recreation and park management, and outdoor experiential education.

Our Mission

The mission of the Recreation Management program is to prepare students to manage natural and cultural recreation resources in order to enhance the leisure experience. Through coursework and service learning activities, students gain an understanding of the history, philosophies, and theories of recreation and leisure. They develop knowledge and skills necessary to plan, promote, administer and evaluate recreation programs, facilities, and services in a variety of settings. Students have the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge in the area of Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management, Recreation and Park Management, or Outdoor Experiential Education.

Our Goals

United by a common mission, each departmental program is dedicated to achieving the following goals:

  • Implement innovative, collaborative, student-centered, outcomes-based educational programs
  • Offer undergraduate degrees in accredited programs
  • Deliver general education wellness literacy courses that promote active, healthy lifestyles
  • Provide professional service to students, the University community, allied groups, organizations and practitioners
  • Conduct theoretical and applied research that contributes to the body of knowledge in each discipline.

Recreation Management Pillars - CREWS

  • COMMUNITY - We value the connections that deepen our understanding of the diversity of each other and the broader world.
  • RESPECT - We value treating people with dignity and integrity.
  • EXPERIENTIAL - We value teaching content that provides hands-on, real-life, and professionally connected experiences.
  • WELLNESS - We value the role of recreation as essential to preventative health.
  • STEWARDSHIP - We value teaching content that promotes the advocacy of natural, cultural, and historical resources.