Erik Rabinowitz


Doctorate of Educational Psychology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Masters of Science in Recreation, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Bachelors of Arts, Colorado State University



Administration of Leisure Services I

Administration of Leisure Services II

Evaluation in Recreation and Leisure Services

Inclusive Recreation


Teaching Specializations:

Evaluation in Leisure Service

Research Methods in Leisure Service

Administration in Leisure Services

Recreation Management

Inclusive and Adaptive Recreation

Leisure Service Theory

Experiential Education in Recreation Management


Organization affiliations: 

Association of Outdoor Education and Recreation,

National Recreation and Park Association,

American Camp Association,

North Carolina Parks and Recreation Association,

The Academy of Leisure Sciences,


Research Interests

Occupation safety and risk management in recreation management,

Extreme sports,

Human cognition,

Recreation through the lifespan


Selected Publications:

Rabinowitz, E. & Kernodle, M.L. (2016). Noise Decibel Levels During Division I College Basketball Games. Journal of Facility Planning, and Management. 4(1). 25-32.  link

Rabinowitz, E. & James, J.J. (January/February 2016) Putting Sustainability into Practice: Simple Strategies to implement at Camp. Camping Magazine. pp. 58-61. link

Rabinowitz, E. & Frauman, E. (2015). Sanitation Procedures and Policies among University Climbing Walls in the United States. Journal of Outdoor Education and Educational Leadership. 6(1). 68-72. link

Brauer, S.L., Vuono, D., Carmichael, M. J., Pepe-Ranney, C., Strom, A., Rabinowitz, E., Buckley, D.H., & Zinder, S.H. (2014). Microbial sequencing analyses suggest the presence of a fecal veneer on indoor climbing wall holds. Current Microbial, 69, 681- 689. doi: 10.1007/s00284-014-0643-3 link

Frauman, E. & Rabinowitz, E. (2010). A Preliminary Investigation of Environmental and Social Practices among Boulderers. Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership. 3(1).12-25. link

McKethan, R., Rabinowitz, E, & Kernodle, M W. (2010). Multiple intelligences in virtual and traditional skill instructional learning environments. The Physical Educator, 67(3).            156-165. link

Rabinowitz, E., Frauman, E. & Williams, W. (2010). Constraints to Rafting at an Artificial Whitewater Park, Journal of Tourism Insights, 1 (1), 12-20. link

Rabinowitz, E. & Frauman, E. (2009). A Preliminary Investigation of Sensation-Seeking and Risk-Based Recreation among College Students: Implications for Intramural and Outdoor Programs. Recreational Sports Journal, 33, 2. link

Kernodle, M. W., McKethan, R. N. & Rabinowitz, E. (2008) Observational Learning of Fly Casting using Traditional and Virtual Modeling with and without Authority Figure. Perceptual & Motor, 107, p535-546. link


Book Chapters:

Rabinowitz, E. & James, J. J. (2015). Towards a better understanding of Leisure   Motivations of Marine Corps Members. In Dustin et. Al (Eds.) This Land is Your       Land: Toward a better Understanding of nature's resiliency-building and restorative power for Armed Forces personnel, veterans, and their families. pp. 67-77. Urbana, IL: Sagamore Publishing.

Rabinowitz, E. & James, J. (2010). Leisure through a social science lens. Chapter 2 in Dimensions of leisure for life, Human Kinetics, Champaign IL.

Rabinowitz, E. & West, S. (2010). Leisure through the lifespan Chapter 15 in Dimensions of leisure for life, Human Kinetics, Champaign IL.

West, S. & Rabinowitz, E. (2009). Chapter 8: Inclusive Marketing. Marketing Inclusive Recreation Experiences. Human Kinetics. Champaign, IL.



Title: Professor
Department: RMPE

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Phone: (828) 262-2540

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